Our brain changes as we go throughout our life. It is constantly changing, remodeling itself and adapting to the conditions we put upon it. That is how we can learn new skills, develop new habits, etc. This is why the Loving Partner Journal can make lasting changes in our lives


We have billions of neurons within our brain and they transmit information throughout the body, they are how we learn new information, skills, etc. We have pathways that send information from these various neurons. These pathways are like walking through the forest, the first time it is a rough path but the more we walk that path the easier and easier it gets. The way this path gets smoother is through myelination. Myelin is a fatty coating that goes around the pathway which allows the transmission of information to get easier and easier. When the pathway is used it signals the body to put down more myelin to continue to make the pathway smoother. This is how skills that once were hard can become automatic, how habits are built, how our thought patterns are engrained, etc. 

Fire Together Wire Together

When neurons fire together they also start to wire together and this is how new patterns can emerge. For example with the Loving Partner Journal we work on cultivating gratitude for our partner so as we go through the 100 day journey we grow this connection between our partner and gratitude so when we think of our partner we are grateful which keeps our bond with them strong. 

Lasting Brain Changes

By going through the 100 days we are literally shaping our brains toward love, gratitude, kindness, mindfulness and appreciation for our partner. We are creating easy to walk pathways of love through the forest of our mind through myelination. We are also wiring the neurons of our brain for our partner to other neurons that stimulate positive responses in us like gratitude, kindness, etc. In 100 days our brains will be different than they are today whether we do this journal or not so why not choose the path that is going to improve your relationship and life? 

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