About The Loving Partner Journal

What is

The Loving Partner Journal:

A 100 day Journal developed for couples to complete together. 

This journal increases the love, gratitude, appreciation and the kindness within our relationship each day 

Daily Prompts

For the 100 days you are given the following three prompts to complete:


One reason I am grateful for my partner is...


One act of kindness I did for my partner today was...

One thing my partner has done for me or another today that I mindfully appreciate is...

By completing these each day it increases our love of our partner by making us mindful of the things we love about them, the value they instill in our life and how we can make their day just a little bit better by sharing some extra love with them as the currency of love is kindness.


Weekly Activites

Each week you are given an activity to complete as couple. The purpose of these activities are to push us outside our comfort zone as this is where growth happens. 

When our relationship stops growing it can quickly become stagnant and complacency takes root and we are more likely to lose sight of the beauty of our partner and those amazing little things.

For each activity there is a options for long distance relationships.


The Ultimate Love Letter

The Loving Partner Journal culminates with a letter to your love.

Looking through the 100 days you will see all the reasons you are grateful for your partner, the acts of kindness you've done and the amazing things they have done for you and others - use this as inspiration to write the 'Letter to my Love'


A Gift Like No Other

After you and your partner have completed the 'Letter to my Love' you will exchange books with one another. 

This will allow you to see yourself through your partner's loving eyes - see all the reasons why they are grateful for you, the kindness they shared and the appreciation they hold for your actions. Then read the letter of love they have written for you and get ready for your heart to melt. 


This journal truly is a gift like no other. Buy your copies today and deepen your love 


Spread the Word and the Love:

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